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The military backed government and its business cronies dominate the economy of Burma. They are corrupt, exploiting Burma’s natural resources to enrich the elite, while ordinary Burmese people live in poverty.

With such a government, it is impossible for investors in large scale projects in Burma to ensure that they are not linked with human rights abuses, environmental destruction, and/or financing a corrupt and brutal government.

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As a small organisation with many activities, Burma Campaign UK has not had the capacity to update the Dirty List since 2008. As we are no longer able to vouch that all the information is up to date and accurate, it has been removed from our website. 

If you are from a company which used the Dirty List, and would be willing to fund a position at Burma Campaign UK to continue our research in this area, please contact Doug Janke, Head of Fundraising, at

TOTAL Oil is the fourth largest oil company in the world and one of the biggest foreign investors in Burma. Its joint venture with Burma’s dictatorship earns the military regime hundreds of millions of dollars every year.

Widespread systematic human rights abuses have been associated with the TOTAL pipeline, including forced labour, torture and rape. In addition, tougher European Union sanctions against Burma have been blocked by the French government in its effort to protect TOTAL’s interests in the country.

Total Briefing 2007

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