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At her Nobel Peace Prize speech, Aung San Suu Kyi made an impassioned call to governments to increase funding for refugees from Burma, saying:

“Can we afford to indulge in compassion fatigue? Is the cost of meeting the needs of refugees greater than the cost that would be consequent on turning an indifferent, if not a blind, eye on their suffering? I appeal to donors the world over to fulfil the needs of these people who are in search, often it must seem to them a vain search, of refuge.’

Refugees in camps on the Thailand Burma border, and those hiding in the jungle from the Burmese Army are facing cuts in rations and shelter.

The British government is currently reviewing aid to Burma and needs to double aid to them to prevent further suffering.

“As someone who was an internally displaced person after my village was attacked by the Burmese Army, and who lived in refugee camps, I am very upset that the situation is getting much worse, and the British government isn’t doing enough to help.” Zoya Phan, Campaigns Manager, Burma Campaign UK.

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